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Fall classes start the week of August 19, 2019


2019-20 Schedule  of Classes

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Dress Code


Dancers in Ballet 1 & 2 must wear black leotard and pink tights. Ballet 3 & 4 may wear colored leotards with black tights or the black leotard and pink tights. Your hair should be worn in a secure bun BEFORE you enter the class room, not after. Girls must wear pink split sole ballet shoes, while boys wear black split sole ballet shoes.


Dancers must wear any color leotard or tight fitting tank top, shorts or leggings. Shoes to be determined by teacher.


Dancers must wear any color leotard or tight fitting tank top, shorts or leggings. No jeans or sweat pants allowed! Boys and girls must wear split sole jazz shoes.


Dancers must wear any color leotard or tight fitting tank top, shorts or leggings.  Modern dancing is bare foot only.


Dancers must wear any color leotard or tight fitting tank top, shorts or leggings. Black tap shoes are required. 


Dancers must wear anything that they feel comfortable wearing. Dancers need to wear tennis shoes.

Creative Movement

Dancers must wear a leotard, tights and ballet shoes


If a student is going to be late or absent, please call ahead of time. To insure the safety of your dancer, he/she may be asked to sit out if he/she missed warm-up. The dancer can only improve and gain the knowledge they need to succeed as a dancer if they are in class and active. We are all working towards the same goal and it is only possible if everyone is in class. If you are sick, please call and let us know. 

If you miss a class you are allowed to make it up in another class. We do not make adjustments to your tuition for missed classes. Tuition is based on the whole year and divided into monthly payments. You may also pay for the entire year when you enroll at a 10% discount. 


Dancers must come into class with a positive attitude! Bad behavior, in any class, will not be tolerated. We understand that people have bad days, but that is no excuse to bring everyone down. Saying "I can't" is not allowed in any class, at any time. Come to class ready to learn, work hard, and perform! We have a zero tolerance for any type of bullying behavior, as well. Such behavior will be immediately reported to the parents.

General Policies

Students must be picked up promptly after their class. The staff is extremely busy and we are not always available to babysit all of the kids after the studio hours. Please avoid dropping your children off too early, though. Please see that they are in class and in the building before you leave, as well as when the class is let out.

Please make sure you clean up after yourself! Eating and drinking must be done in the designated areas, and all garbage must be thrown away. It is vital that you leave the waiting room, restrooms, and parking lot free of any trash.

If there is bad weather, contact the studio, immediately! We will not be calling everyone to let you know. Even if school is canceled, we still may have class. Road conditions generally improve later throughout the day. We are not available during or in-between classes, so make an appointment if you have any issues regarding the studio or your child. We schedule time to discuss any problems you may have.